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Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream

Ronald Wimberly interview!


Yo! James here. We were lucky enough to get comics hero Ronald Wimberly to finish the final two pages in Bartkira Volume One, which is dropping today. Ronald’s long been a favorite of mine, so I was thrilled…

ONE AND DONE: ‘She-Hulk’ #5 and the Joy of Polite Comics — The Beat

Part of the fun of all this, of buying comics off the shelf one issue at a time, is the feeling of discovery you can get. Not of just worlds or stories or characters, but of all the wonderful and diverse work that all occupies the same shelf space. Until this week, I’ve never seen Wimberly’s art before. Now I wish I had. It’s playful, vibrant, and doesn’t give a damn about what you think.

She-Hulk 5


Ronald Wimberly & Aidan Koch - Photographie Alain François

Aint no black barbers in Angouleme though so cool it, black tumblr!

Visite des archives du Musée de la bande dessinée avec Jean-Pierre Mercier - Angoulême - Photographie Alain François

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