stussyboy What's your art style and how can I learn it ?

Haha! It’s the style of solving problems with the abilities that I have.
Thanks for the compliment?

dannguyenart A question about progression. I have moments where I look back at my work and I cringe at the work I've done and I'm sure every artist has that moment. In your case however, your work is public and in print. Do you ever look back at your published work and feel the same way? Or do you see it as "look how far I've come"?

Sure, I made a lot of stuff that I think looks like shit. I made some stuff that I thing is outstanding too. I don’t say, “look at how far I’ve come”, I can still make a poor drawing. I’ve seen poor drawings from all of my heroes. On a good day, I could give a fuck. Was I in it though? Was I present and honest?

Making art is a balancing act, balancing act and artifact. There is art in the action and there is the artifact, the record of the act. 

Ultimately for me, right now, I am more concerned with enjoying the act. I almost look at it like athletics, I’m only looking at the tape of the game so that I can be better at the act later, so that I can enjoy myself more and perform better for the audience.

…and for the record, one of my best works isn’t even in print anymore, hahaha. I look at those books more like, “woah, look at what I survived. I can draw a book and not starve or totally loose interest halfway through.”

-real talk

kelseyatnowhereplace Did you sell everything at your art sale? I was out of town and couldn't make it. :(

We got rained out. We’re gonna have another after I get back in town on the 15th. Keep an eye out here and/or on facebook for details.

And thanks for reaching out!

Attention!!!: The Stoop Sale update

CANCELLED on account of the sky is being a jerk! 

The stoop is soaked. What can I say. However, if you want to roll by and check out artwork by appointment today, just hit my askbox. I’m available from 10 to 4

The art ranges from around 200-1000. I have everything from She-Hulk, Prince of Cats, Zatoichi, that Mighty Avengers cover.

Let me know.

PS. Bring Coffee

Attention!!!: The Stoop Sale

Hey everybody, looks like there’s an 80% chance of rain tomorrow so we’re gonna cancel Saturday 8/2. Hopefully the sky squeezes out all of it’s rain tomorrow and we’ll still be on for Sunday 8/3. Standby for up to the minute updates!

wasabipunk Yo Ron! You selling stuff Saturday and Sunday as in August 2nd and 3rd? Or did I miss it already? Best

Yup, the 2nd and the 3rd. I’ll correct that in the original post. Thanks.

Ron and Luciano’s We’ve Got Too Much Shit stoop sale: This Saturday and Sunday, 8/2-3/14, from 10-4 at 230 Greene Avenue in Brooklyn NY, my roommate and I are selling a grip of our stuff. Mostly art books and book art. There will be comics. There will be blood. Cash and carry (I may accept credit though).
The “incentive” cover I did for dead letters.
improv1take1 How can I get a copy of Prince of Cats?!

Well, for now, it’s out of print. Your best bet is (hopefully) your local public library, amazon or ebay. There’s a kindle version. Most comic book stores are out of them. 

It’s out of my hands or else it would still be available.

I just used google; typed in my name and the name of the book. This is how I’ve found books that I was looking for; I just googled the name of the book and the author.


And here’s my homage to the @orrdesigns original hip-hop comic, Rappin’ Max Robot, produced independently in 1986.