nacly You mentioned personal works... are you considering publishing an art book in the near future? Something to look at unplugged would be awesome.

No plans, but I’ll think about it. I’d rather tell more stories and no one has approached me to put one together. Is this something that people are interested in?

ccarman80 Your She-hulk work is awesome! Are you on for just those 2 issues? If not whats up next comic-wise? 'nother OGN possibly?

Hey, what’s up!

No more issues yet in queue for me on She-Hulk, but I’m gonna do a little something for Marvel again in the near future.

"Up next comics-wise…?" …more work with Locust Moon, something more along the lines of comics journalism and some personal stuff, original work. I have A LOT of comics stuff on the horizon. Also I’m in this, peep it if you haven’t already:


Seven days left on the Little Nemo: Dream another Dream Kickstarter! I’ve posted the pencils of my entry on Instagram. You can see some of the process as I figured out how I was gonna cut-up/arrange the script. I changed it a bit for the final. #fromdesktilldawn #littlenemo
Anonymous So you don't necessarily like the way DC does things, but what about Vertigo? I know that's just an imprint of DC, but it seems like they're in that creator owned kind of mentality?




Vertigo is a mess. As far as I understand their contracts have been getting worse and worse in recent years, & I think they’re pretty tight on owning film rights— and I’ve heard about them changing creators work against their will. (which brings up an interesting idea that I don’t think some people working in editorial get that doing that is not cool) or censoring work. (Hellblazer for one) 

Plus doing work at Vertigo is still tied to all the issues I have with DC. It’s all the same company in the same building with the same dirty laundry. I’m always frustrated at the notion that it was ever an indy or whatever scene. a It’s like the Hot topic of comics but with less integrity. And that’s not to say that they didn’t put out some fantastic books (Heavy Liquid, Transmet)  but it does say something about doing anything with an anti corporate tinge to it when you’re paychecks come from time warner. You’re working for the man, man.

It is an interesting spot now, because for the most part creators who have the option to do creator owned work somewhere else will. You can see how the vast majority of guys who were the most Vertigo in past years are all moving elsewhere. You can put your ear to the ground and hear the stampede. 

so for Vertigo to compete with Image or wherever I think they would have two options (1) to take some real risks and bring in new talent. Which is something that Vertigo has always been pretty bad at.— & (2)  make contracts that really compete with what Image has to offer. —(Image contracts were made by creators to serve their own kind—.  thanks Image dudes!) which I don’t expect to ever happen anywhere not run by people who make the books themselves.. 

I think if they were smart they would  have put some serious weight behind Ron “D-pi” Wimberly. I feel like he’s the real deal and is that rare kind of creator who could be pushed like a Paul Pope or a Morrison.

But Ron;s amazing book Prince of cats came out from a company who mostly deals in monthlies as a one shot graphic novel with little fanfare and is already out of print. ( I would love to see it escape to Image to be treated as well as it deserves) 

Aside from all my obvious venom, I do think it would be interesting if Vertigo survived or got it shit together. I don’t see DC going anywhere and having more places for interesting books would be a bonus to comics— I would drastically prefer more of that than more of the same endless retreading the same ground Superhero comics— 

Thanks dangoldman and royalboiler! I mean, it is what it is… I’m thankful tcrcase thought it was a good idea and Karen Berger gave me the go ahead and Jonathan Vankin supported me early on… I think it was a nice first shot. I’m hoping the expensive lessons I learned stick. I’m looking forward to Prince of Cats having a new home.  

PS. Last year, on the train back to Brooklyn after comic con, when I bumped into a guy from the firm that does PR for Vertigo, he said he had heard of my name but had never heard of my book. 


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