Wolverine and the X-men #10 is out on the stands today? I got 5 pages in it. #sharkgirl #xmen

Wolverine and the X-men #10 is out on the stands today? I got 5 pages in it. #wolverine #xmen





everyone stop what ur doing and appreciate how gorgeous evan looks in this art style

is one of the finest artists working in comics today

Yall gonna make me blush, stoppit!


Illustration for URB

See something, Say something- When social justice/commentary blows itself



My loosely organized thoughts on some things:

So I got linked to this She Hennum article on This is Infamous, See Something, Say Something: Comics Culture And Its Problem With Not Talking Smack, and now I’m about to talk some smack.

I follow the link, and there’s my artwork (pictured…


Shout out to the Pulp Hope! 

Happy born day, Paul
Unused artwork from the Criterion Zatoichi box set.
kokujinn What's your art style and how can I learn it ?

Haha! It’s the style of solving problems with the abilities that I have.
Thanks for the compliment?

dannguyenart A question about progression. I have moments where I look back at my work and I cringe at the work I've done and I'm sure every artist has that moment. In your case however, your work is public and in print. Do you ever look back at your published work and feel the same way? Or do you see it as "look how far I've come"?

Sure, I made a lot of stuff that I think looks like shit. I made some stuff that I thing is outstanding too. I don’t say, “look at how far I’ve come”, I can still make a poor drawing. I’ve seen poor drawings from all of my heroes. On a good day, I could give a fuck. Was I in it though? Was I present and honest?

Making art is a balancing act, balancing act and artifact. There is art in the action and there is the artifact, the record of the act. 

Ultimately for me, right now, I am more concerned with enjoying the act. I almost look at it like athletics, I’m only looking at the tape of the game so that I can be better at the act later, so that I can enjoy myself more and perform better for the audience.

…and for the record, one of my best works isn’t even in print anymore, hahaha. I look at those books more like, “woah, look at what I survived. I can draw a book and not starve or totally loose interest halfway through.”

-real talk