ikerobo I know you had been working on prince of cats for a good long while. I'm wondering at what point do you feel you had to move to each stage of development? Was and is there much back and forth in your process or do you feel you had to have everything nailed down before you could go forward?

I had an editor… err 3 editors that were responsible for keeping me moving along. Usually an editor gives you milestones or what not. I didn’t reveal to my editors the unique restraints I gave myself. Some editors gave more back and forth than others. Casey Seijas was instrumental in getting the project approved but moved on before the book really got underway, Jonathan Vankin gave the most support and back and forth on Prince of Cats.

Prince of Cats required I move back and forth from script and breakdown because the way all of the pages had to relate to each other. I wrote the script with layouts in mind then I worked out the breaks, changing panel layouts so that the pages could rhyme and then I would change the script as I went around to better rhyme or preserve the beats.

When I am working on my own I move along when I am done with whatever stage I’m on.


A comic I wrote once… Or was it a love letter.
buglord I just wanted to say that your Judex cover is one of the best Criterion Collection covers to come out in recent memory and I'm really glad that I managed to stumble upon your tumblr in the Zatoichi tag. Your art at times reminds me a lot of Tim Sale who I admire greatly and consider my favorite comic book artist. I saw on your art tumblr that you may be writing and illustrating your own comic and I'm really looking forward to that.


I’m glad you enjoy the work.

Here are some of the sketches:









Eric Skillman’s art direction on this project was “…if Aubrey Beardsley was working in the sixties…”, or something.

I like what I’ve seen of Tim Sale. One day I will get around to reading some of his work. Suggestions?

Thanks for keeping an eye out.

sammanarr whoa dude, how many things have you done for criterion? and how do you score such a sweet gig??


Two, Zatoichi and Judex.

Skill, preparation and luck.

kurayon-a Have you made any animations?


I’ve played around with animation a little bit. I worked on some web animation for def jam when I first got started; Web episodes for N.O.R.E. and the some stuff for the old Def Jam South website.

I did a terrible little piece of animation for Nas’, these are our heroes. It was doomed from the beginning. There’s even more than that, unfortunately.

Recently I’ve worked in design for titmousecartoons on season 1 of blackdynamitetv for adultswimcentral. I’ve done some commercial work for rauchbros.

I hope to do some more animation in the future. Hopefully with leseanthomas, chaseconley and the homie Young Yoon.

nec-plus-ultra D-Pi x Lupe Fiasco is a dream come true! Wish there was more to see!

Glad you like it! 

helioshalo FOr prince of cats, did you wish you could have had the fight scene be longer, up to ten twelve page long?


There’re are a lot of things I would’ve liked to take more time/space to do. Sure, fight scenes, but I’d also like to take more time with Roz, Juliet and Mercutio doing mundane things, haha. The budget didn’t allow for this. 

Also, because of the unique, formalistic restraints I gave myself. Each page rhymes with another page and each certain events rhyme with other events with a couple of purposeful breaks in this format to call attention to certain events. If I were to arbitrarily add any pages to this without adding pages elsewhere, it’d make the book grow exponentially. As is, I drew several pages without compensation to make the book fit the restraints I made for it/myself.

I have at least two scenes that I left on the cutting room floor. 

Thanks for reaching out.

manmorrow I saw you solicited for some interiors on Marvel's She-Hulk. Nice gig man! Is this the first interiors you've done for Marvel? Also anymore Prophet work coming? Oh and Gratnin! Anyways good on Marvel. They seem to really have an eye toward newer talent right now to revitalize their concepts. Hopefully the exposure gets you more platforms. Bless.



Yup, dipping my toe in She-Hulk a bit.

And yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. Hoping it gives me more platforms. Platform shoes.

No more Prophet. Image don’t return my calls! Maybe I don’t fit the bill.

I’m flirting with Marvel. I want to write something. They’ve been receptive. Axel is cool people. And it seems like they’re putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to representation. Writers and editors though!

Definitely more GratNin coming in 2015 though. Big Things.

Thanks for watching!

A nice thick slice of d-pi on a Blade OGN would KILL IT!!

You know, you may be into something there…


Dead Letters #2 from Chris Visions and Christopher Selba for Boom comics. This was back when I didn’t know what one of the characters looked like so I made her a black Annie Hall.